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    Don't you just love the internet? We do cause we can provide training for you wherever you are!

    We know how daunting the Zen Cart admin can be - and there's not enough decent resources out there to learn. We are accustomed to helping folks get started in their cart. We can give you an overview of admin and then concentrate on creating your categories and products. Of course, there's lots more to learn so we'll be glad to train you on any topic you need with Zen Cart.

    This training can be done online while you watch or in person here in Gardiner, ME. We can use Skype if necessary especially if you aren't in the US, but we do have access to conferencing tools as well. Just let us know what you need and we'll be glad to schedule your customized Zen Cart training.

    You can find some free materials and information on some Zen Cart how to's here on our website - just a little bit to get you started. Don't forget our YouTube channel as well. We're adding new videos frequently now.

    Contact us!