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    SEO stands for search engine optimization

    Seo for Zen Cart sites is easier in some ways that html sites because Zen Cart has some built in ways to create page titles and descriptions. There are, however, some mods and Zen Cart specific things that can be done and no SEO expert will know how to do this. Sometimes we work as the hand of the SEO team putting things into play into a cart and sometimes we guide the "whole thing".

    We'll be glad to help out with your Zen Cart SEO but we make no promises and we charge by the hour, so it's never cheap! We don't claim to be experts but there are definitely things we are good at - like writing keyword-laden copy that actually says something.

    The initial SEO is part of our installation and configuration service. We'll set up your site metatags and keywords as you wish. That's the easy part. We'll even do a site registration with a number of search engines if you want.

    The hard part is choosing the best keywords and home page site description. Can we help?

    SEO Truths

    To get the best SEO advice and work, you will find that the cost runs from $500 to $1000 and more a month.That type of service provider should be up on the tiny details that none of us know. They write your website copy and monitor your site - devoting a set amount of hours per month to you exclusively.

    In the meantime, here's something to get you started:

    1. The most important part of SEO (search engine optimization) is your text and the repetitious use of your keywords in your text.  The home page is the most important page for this. It is a technique, however, that should be followed throughout all the text on your site. No longer can that keyword repetition be willy nilly. It also has to be used in context - in content that is useful and well-written.
    2. Use of EZPages to increase the amount of text on the is also a recommended technique. Write some informative but keyword-rich articles and be sure to link to them from the front page.
    3. And don't forget to choose your keywords wisely. What words would your customers use to find you? There are many online tools to help you in these choices.

    We'll be glad to help however we can so contact us for more information.  Don't forget we also write web copy!