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    Pricing Policy

    Our prices are stable but may be changed at any time. Under some circumstances I will do work for a price if quoted before the price change. But sometimes I won't. It is completely a Wiztech decision. Prices listed on this website may not reflect currect prices as those rates may not have been changed on the website yet. So pricing on this website may not reflect actual pricing.

    Prices are set in two ways: first is a set price such as for a site evaluation or custom template. Both of those are well-described in the links above.

    Pricing can be also done as a set fee per hour with one hour minimum. Anything outside of the set pricing projects may be estimated but the final cost will still be equitable to WizTech. Sometimes estimating becomes mute when the customer requires more than they stated or the job turned out to have elements that could not be foreseen. So final pricing is always just an estimate. If I realize the price will be higher than mentioned, I'll bring that up immediately and will not proceed with the work until new approval is received.

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