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    WizTech's first step for nearly all Zen Cart site owners is a site evaluation.

    This flat fee ($200) task allows us to look at all aspects of your cart to see what template and mods you are using, if the template overrides are done correctly, what version you are using and many other details that might well affect our working on your cart. We also check for site hacking; we find a lot of hacked sites where the owners were totally unaware of any problems.

    We have to do this before any upgrades can be performed and sometimes even before a mod can be installed. Zen Cart is a very complex shopping cart and we have rarely found previous work that was done correctly or templates that were worth keeping. We believe in and do work in the "Zen Cart way".

    Almost sounds religious, doesn't it? That's because it's close to being a religion to us. We want to always leave a cart in a condition so that if another Zen Cart developer comes in after us, he/she can't complain and will be easily able to find things or make changes. It's simply about best practices and we practice what we preach.

    At the end of a site evaluation, we can normally give you a flat rate for an upgrade and we deliver a written report on what we find along with recommendations. And unlike some others, we aren't going to deliver you an overwhelming list of mods to install, though we may recommend one or two. We look at the site for ease of navigation for buyers and other e-commerce requirements to help improve your sales. It's not just a technical report but a "state of the union" with recommendations.

    A Zen Cart evaluation* is normally a requirement for working with us and well worth the money. You will not be disappointed!

    Register and pay for your Zen Cart Site Evaluation here.
    (I will need full access to the website, admin and control panel/cpanel.)  

    *A frequent question is if this fee can be applied to the upgrade price. It is taken into consideration and "may" reduce the upgrade price some.There are of course no promises.

    A full site evaluation generates a written report. The evaluation includes:

    • Dates of files - denoting whether overrides are in the right places/last work done on website.
    • Folder checks to look for mods or mod remnants and hacking evidence.     
    • Source code - clean, SEO evidence, efficient template code
    • Admin - mods installed, oddities, Zen Cart version
    • Cpanel - database may be looked at. PHP version and whether the level can be altered. Website optimization turned on.
    • File cleanup sometimes performed or overrides set up correctly.  Prep work for upgrade.
    • How effective is your website and business approach for selling? Are you taking advantage of some of the selling tools in Zen Cart?
    • Can include actual work - small changes agreed upon ahead of time. (do a site eval instead of paying a hour fee for small jobs - more efficient!)
    • More questions about a Zen Cart site evaluation? Just email us!