Client Support

We know what great customer service is and work hard to deliver it.

But be warned: the customer is not always right. This isn't retail. We provide professional advice, consultation and services. We believe in being honest with our customers and will decline work if we do not think it is needed or if your wants are mandatory and out of line with best web practices. In other words, we only want you to spend money that's necessary. We are here to provide you with the best advice and support possible, not just to make money.

You can be sure we aren't the usual geeky group - we all love interacting with customers. Delia has said for years that as a single person business, she has to have that social time during her day or go crazy! But due to time constaints and in order to get work done, we have to arrange that social interaction to our benefit.

First, best initial contact method is by email.

The best way to make initial contact is by the contact form here. We can then either handle your request by email or make an appointment for a phone conference. This allows us to get some intial information and handle your request in the most efficient manner.

Secondly, due to a very high volume of emails, we have a maintenance / retainer plan in place for our ongoing clients.

The maintenance / retainer program allows us to set priorities on who gets the best and fastest attention. This could mean that with no plan in place, you might not be able to get hold of us during busy times. As we pride ourselves on our customer service, we have found that we cannot do a good job if we answer every email and every phone call. There just simply aren't enough hours in the day!

Prices for these plans depends on 2 factors, one is the hosting company that you use and, two, what type of site you have.

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Last Updated 11/2/2013