Content Management Systems

There are quite a number of content management systems out there and you've probably heard of the big ones, like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. We also have a small CMS of our own that works beautifully for small websites.

Content management means that the website is set up with an admin where you can change most of the text on the pages, add or delete pages and also have some usable features for specific types of pages like an event calendar or small blog. These systems use a WYSIWYG editor - looks and works kind of like MSWord and gives you some formatting abilities. The text and information for those pages are actually stored in a database and are not actual files.

So you can have a starter website for a lower cost with a CMS, but it's easily expandable and you generally can maintain it yourself and save a lot on future costs.

Check out the demo of our little CMS at You can watch a video of how it works (it's a little outdated as is this particular version.) The instructions for admin are supposed to be on the front page but just in case they have been mangled or erased: The admin is located here and the username and password are both demo. You can add and edit pages there and the site is reset nightly. If you want to see an unchanged version, you can take a look at the updated and complete cms at

We have experts in many CMS systems and can work with others. Which one is best for you? Contact us to discuss your options!