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    If you've looked at the portfolio, you'll see many types of web site design as well as samples of print design. Our customers ask for a design and they get it. But if you ask us for our recommendations, the answer is simple - very simple. Minimal design that focuses on the message. This site is a good example of that type of design.

    It all boils down to this: function before form. Does it work and work well? Oh, and is it attractive? Does it load fast? If you can answer yes to all four questions then your site is in good shape. Add in your keywords and some directed design to focus on the message and a site is born.

    KISS It

    Keep It Simple Stupid - er, Silly! Contrary to popular belief, a website does not need incredible design or images. It does not take design to bring visitors to your site or to keep them coming back. Having something of value that the visitor is interested in is key.

    One client had been on web since 1995 with 2 sites for medical transcriptionists. Neither site has undergone a real facelift until now in all that time. Has that hurt her business? Not at all, because her site delivered what the visitors wanted.

    What Is Your Brand?

    Most websites should have the business logo as the basis for site design. If you need one, are not happy with yours or just want to spruce yours up, we offer either a one price logo service or we can do some of that spiffing up for you.

    Make your logo recognizable as you (your brand) and use the same colors as your catalog or local advertising or in store promotions. If you feel the need to rebrand for the web, be sure to carry that through all of your marketing efforts.

    It's all about:

    • Consistency
    • Recognizability
    • Simplicity
    • Ease of Use

    Contact us to discuss your design needs!