Zen Cart Mods & Plugins

Expanding Zen Cart requires the installation of modules or plugins, many of which are found in the contributions section of the Zen Cart site.

Some of the of the Zen Cart add-ons are either outdated, buggy or otherwise compromised but not many. Being able to tell what's good and what's not usually takes installing and risking problems with your site. We can either tell you outright what the problems might or might not be. There are some mods we just don't like installing and we will be honest and tell you why.

We can evaluate individual modules to see if they will work and what the possible ramifications might be.

We can also write new mods or customize existing mods for you.

Contact us for more information on Zen Mods & Plugins.

Paid and Free Mods not listed on ZenCart.com

We sell a few mods ourselves on the Zen Cart Delia site and we've given a number away for free via ZenCart.com. The most popular is our Streamlined Checkout mod described in this blog post. It's really an improvement rather than a mod.

There are quite a few paid mods out there and it's hard to know who to trust but I have personal relationships with these guys and in general, if they do it, the mods will work as advertised. (That does not mean I recommending the specific mods listed below; just that I know these coders will support what they sell.)

That Software Guy (Big Spender, Better Together Admin and many more)

Numinix (Fast & Easy Checkout (free), Ajax edition for pay)