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  • Our Zen Cart Ready to Go Template Process and Policies

    (More about the why of the template designs I use.)

    The Process

    • I create a comp - a computer image - that shows a representation of what the site template will look like 
    • After receiving approval from the client, I then code the template - that consists of creating the actual images used and the CSS which drives the colors and basic layout 
    • All of the new code is uploaded to a special section of the readytogo website and clients are given a link to see it in action.
    • Once it is again approved, I install it on the website and tweak some settings and the CSS to complete the process.


    • If there are no objections to the images used in the comp, those will be the images used in the template. Removing those images once they have created is time consuming - sometimes will drastically change what I've already done behind scenes. So, that kind of change is highly discouraged - and most likely accrue additional charges.
    • Sometimes I will recommend text or "banners" for the home page and that may be included in the template work because it's crucial to the overall look and presentation. If this gets too complicated and time consuming because the client wants multiple changes, I may not fulfill such requests without additional payment.     
    • Because there are tweaks to be done once installed on the client site, any small changes and further work is done on the live site.
    • What is tweaked after the installation is usually only things I cannot do on a demo site that does not have the same products such as setting box sizes on the product list page and a few other things.
    • What will encur more charges is more changes to the images and the CSS. If it something easy and quick, it may happen. Anything else will require discussion prior to new charges.
    • The templates are always guaranteed. If something I have done looks totally weird and unintended, I will correct for no charge. Since sometimes those things are not noticed immediately, this guarantee does not have expiration date. Not only is that not a blanket guarantee, however, but it also only applies to certain things that I cannot outline ahead of time. Essentially, this guarantee will only be for items that I can tell you is my mistake or something totally unintended or overlooked in the creation of the template itself.                              

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