Zen Cart Mobile Template

It's better than a responsive template:

  • Separates mods out of the mobile template. You don't have to worry about whether mods will work on a mobile device or if a mod will destroy the display.
  • Fast loading. No elements are hidden from view as in responsive templates. They don't load at all and this really speeds up the mobile experience.
  • Mobile features! This was designed for mobile devices - with expandable menus in the newest version and an app-like interface.
  • Designed specifically for mobile. In using this type of ready made template, you can be assured to that the mobile experience was the driving force - not just converting a website to a good look on a phone as some responsive templates do.
  • Google approved setup. It is a separate versions for desktop and mobile with instructions of how to set it up so that Google indexes it properly. You don't have to have a "responsive template"! (But if you do want responsive, check this out.)
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So ask yourself: How easy it is for a mobile consumer to visit my Zen Cart website and convert a sale? The answer is immediately clear: not so easy.

Our Zen Cart mobile template is optimized for mobile devices: some features and/or admin controls have been removed. Many things no longer dependent on your admin settings so that both your present cart and your mobile Zen Cart will display as intended.

Done with jQuery mobile, this Zen Cart mobile template uses HTML5 and CSS3 to create a nice application-like cart with no images for the design, thus reducing page load time. jQuery mobile has broad support for phones and mobile devices. It looks super on the iPhone and iPad (those buyers who spend more) and much easier to navigate and view on smartphones and tablets. Read more about the supported platforms here. Browserstack estimates that the iphone and ipad accounts for 90% of users so you are well covered!

The requirements are simple:

1. Zen Cart 1.5x

2. Enough quota/space on your hosting for another installation of Zen Cart

3. IonCube loaders on your server or the ability to install IonCube

Full instructions for installation and configuration of the Zen Cart Mobile Template is included in the package but you may also purchase installation as well. Since this does not rely on your existing cart, it doesn't matter how highly modified your cart is or how well your overrides are done. This will work and installation does not require any modification of existing files with one exception if you want a message about mobiles in your present cart.

Though it requires a separate installation of Zen Cart, the Zen Cart mobile cart uses your database - no need for separate maintenance.

Working demos of the Mobile Zen Cart Template:


You don't have to have a mobile phone to view these; most of the recent versions of your computer browser (except IE) should give you a good taste of the look and feel of our Zen Cart mobile template.

View pricing and purchase your Zen Cart mobile template at zencartdelia.com.