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    A starter website is usually considered to be only a couple of pages such as the home page, about us and contact us. A site like this sounds extremely "simple" but let's examine what's really needed.

    First, there needs to be branding, starting with some kind of logo.

    Branding, though, is not a web term but a marketing term. So it's about all places your business or concept may appear: print, video and the web.

    A logo should be more than just the words in a fancy font but that is one way to get started. The future must be considered, however; putting some thought and money into a logo is an investment, not an expense.

    logo designWe can create a quickie one for you that you might really like. For example, one customer said he didn't have one yet but was going to get done soon. Since it's really hard to do a website without that focal point of a logo. we invested 15 minutes and his website still sports that logo here on the left.

    He doesn't have a printable logo though: that quickie web logo can't be used in print so we also offer logo design services that can get a website further down the road.

    After the logo, the next hurdle may end up being color choices.

    The H&R logo has only grey and black and the website needs more than that. One has to choose background and foreground colors, link and hover colors and possibly other colors and images for design.

    Then there's the written content.

    Someone has to write up content for those pages. We can certainly do that but the client has to provide the information. We find getting the information to be the hardest part of any website!

    In the end is one more decision.

    That contact page - should it just be information or should it include a form? Without the form, how can the email address be protected from spambots? With the form, what information do you want from the site visitor?

    So it's not so simple.

    Each website is unique and at this time we do not offer a package price for a "simple" static website. What we can tell you is that a simple, static website can become an ever ending source of expense if you expect changes on a regular basis.

    So the next possible choice for a website is a dynamic or content management system.