WizTech Classes

Ready Made Classes on Request

We have several classes that we can deliver at your business or organization, online or for special events. These include:

Digital Basics for the Beginning Business - an overview of hardware, software, websites and social media for newbies
So You Think You Wanna Website? - what is needed to get started, an in depth look at all the pieces
What's the Best Web Site Solution for You? - comparison of the varying website platforms to help you make the decision of where to start
Social Media & Its Place in Your Life - what do you need in the realm of Social Media?
Website Design Basics - rules to follow when designing your website
How to Choose & Work with a Web Design/Develop Company - getting the right professional and what is expected of you
Microsoft Training for MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access
Introduction to Zen Cart - an overview of the Zen Cart Admin and what to ignore!
Writing for the Web - different medium breaks all the rules you learned in school
Getting Started with WordPress - ready to blog or just want a website? Find out about how WordPress can work for you.

Custom Classes

We can design and deliver classes on a wide variety of topics due to the varying backgrounds of our staff. You can also suggest a topic to put into our regular class list - we are interested in what you want to learn.

Contact us to get the right class set up for your situation.